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See the signals. Speed the response. Stop outbreaks.
That’s the goal of the Pandemic Prevention Initiative. Working towards a #PandemicFreeFuture. Watch this video to learn more:

Latest Updates

The Pandemic Prevention Initiative is working closely with a global network of laboratories, non-profit organizations, governments, international organizations, and private companies to strengthen global surveillance capacity and provide actionable insights that can protect health and well-being as we learn more about new and emerging Covid-19 variants.

The situation with Omicron, emerging variants, and the broader pandemic is rapidly evolving and information is likely to change. Click on the section below or the link to the right to read the latest.

Our Mission

red, orange, blue, and purple triangle with dots in the middle of it.The Pandemic Prevention Initiative (PPI) aims to help the world detect, prevent, and mitigate pandemic threats to achieve containment as quickly as possible.

We are an independent, nimble collaborator with the global community working toward an early warning system for the world.

With a growing global network, PPI will harness data to drive decision-making that prevents pandemics. Our partnerships span public, private, and academic sectors. We’re working on Covid-19 today and pandemic prevention for the future.

Together, we can create an early warning system that works for—and protects—the world.

The Pandemic Prevention Initiative on Social Media

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Highlights at a Glance

After 6 months of PPI in action

  • Nearly 30 global partners
  • An 18-person staff (and counting)
  • $25 million in funding invested to fill gaps in global data collection and sharing
  • Demonstrated impact in improving speed and scope of sequencing and data collection in the U.S., Africa, and India
  • A user-centered, design-driven data solution pipeline
  • A cutting-edge approach to using different data types in new ways – learning from the financial sector, missed signals in Covid-19, and more

Our Partners

Stopping the spread of Covid-19 and preventing the next pandemic requires global cooperation.

  • global map of all of our partners throughout the world
How can we stop diseases from becoming pandemics? In this video, Dr. Rick Bright shares three things that hold the key to early pandemic response. The Rockefeller Foundation is providing up to USD150 million in funding to the Pandemic Prevention Initiative (PPI), a collaboration of a global network of partners committed to building data sets […]

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