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Urgent Action Required to Respond to Earthquake Stricken Northwest Syria

On February 18, 2023, The Rockefeller Foundation, the Munich Security Conference (MSC), and the European Institute of Peace (EIP) convened a strategic dialogue of key diplomatic and non-governmental stakeholders present in Munich on the recent 7.8 earthquake and the urgent need to enable maximum access to the population in northwest Syria.

Drawing on that dialogue, the three organizations are calling for urgent action to overcome the political obstacles that are blocking humanitarian assistance. In a joint statement, MSC, EIP, and The Rockefeller Foundation identify a set of urgent actions to address immediate needs in northwest Syria and to create a basis for long-term rehabilitation.

What is needed now is aggressive and coordinated leadership and engagement by the international community. The earthquake is a heart-breaking tragedy on a massive scale. But it also offers an opening for action that must be seized.

Read the joint document here.