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Ending millions of preventable deaths through more equitable, effective health systems in communities around the world
Advancing a more nourishing and sustainable food system
Innovating new models to both generate and provide access to clean energy that will foster economic development.
Expanding opportunity to ensure more American workers have jobs that help build a hopeful future for themselves and their families
Helping cities worldwide build better and build back to improve the lives and well-being of urban populations
Making big bets on catalytic, early-stage innovations for outsized impact
A global collaborative for systems change, focused on improving the lives of millions of people around the world

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What Would the World Look Like #WithoutMom?

Every day, 830 women globally die of pregnancy-related causes. The epidemic in the United States is the worst of any developed country, and Black mothers are at the highest risk. The Rockefeller Foundation announced a new social media campaign – #WithoutMom – to sound the alarm on the scandalously high rates of preventable maternal deaths around the world and in the United Sta… Read More

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