Editor’s Note: Cyclone Freddy formed on Feb. 5 in the Australian Region Cyclone Basin, moved into the South-West Indian Ocean Basin, traveled almost 5,000 miles, and unleashed winds up to 165 miles per hour before dissipating on March 14.

Freddy was the longest-lasting tropical cyclone ever recorded. It pummeled Malawi, where the president declared a state of emergency.

Ngonidzashe Nyambawaro was one of the early responders for the RCCE Collective Service, a grantee of The Rockefeller Foundation focused on community engagement and communication during a public health crisis.

The Collective Service provides coordinated risk communications and community engagement intelligence and support to governments and partners involved in national and local responses to Covid-19, and other public health emergencies. The Collective Service is a collaborative partnership between IFRC, UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), Global outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN), and key stakeholders from the public health and humanitarian sectors.

Here, in a five-part series, is a report of his two weeks in the field.

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