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To replace dystopian narratives with positive futures in global food systems, The Rockefeller Foundation designed the Food System Vision Prize. We [“It” if speaking in third person] invited organizations to assemble teams that would answer the question: what is a feasible, inspirational, and transformational food system for 2050 in your place? More than a competition, the initiative sparked radical collaboration with over 4,000 organizations assembling 1,300 teams that spanned 119 countries. The top 10 winning visionary teams shared in a $2 million prize.

Powered by SecondMuse and OpenIDEO, the Food System Vision Prize aimed to enhance the global discourse on food systems, empowering communities to devise actionable blueprints for tomorrow and shape their own food future. Believing that “without vision, the people perish,” the Rockefeller Food Team asserted that a positive, inspirational vision for the future is a necessary opening act for any innovation and development that occurs in the real world. To build the nourishing and regenerative food systems equipped for the challenges of 2050 we must first envision those systems. The prize spurred this effort.

Emboldened to unleash a nourishing, regenerative, and equitable food future, The Rockefeller Foundation and Media RED collaborated to create this breathtaking series that documents the extraordinary efforts of 10 global visionaries looking to improve the world’s food systems from the ground up.

Why it Matters

Food System Visions created by people all over the world have the potential to ignite a movement. Because if we can envision it, we can believe it. And only if we believe in it, will we build it.

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Impact Stories

The Top 10 Finalists for the Food System Vision Prize

We are thrilled to announce the Top 10 Finalists for the Food System Vision Prize. These Finalists were selected from a pool of more than 1,300 applicants from 110 countries, all seeking to develop a Vision of the regenerative and nourishing food system that they aspire to create by the year 2050.

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