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Nourish humanity with food that is good for people and planet

Better Food, Better Future

The way we eat today is failing both people and the planet. It isn’t nutritious, it isn’t sustainable, and it isn’t equitable. The foods that are most readily available and affordable are slowly killing us, even as more than 3 billion people lack sufficient access to the healthy foods they need. Despite the global food system’s $9 trillion market value, two-thirds of the people living in extreme poverty are agricultural workers and their families. And some of the biggest environmental challenges we face are directly connected to our food system. We can change these outcomes with big bets that ensure everyone has access to Good Food.

We can change this story by ensuring everyone has access to Good Food.

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Food that nourishes all people, regenerates the environment, and creates equitable economic opportunity for people at every step of the food supply chain. Good Food empowers us to live full and productive lives. It supports healthy brains and bodies and significantly reduces the risk of disease and disability. Good Food benefits the planet and curbs climate change, making food supply chains more regenerative and encouraging agricultural practices that restore biodiversity, improve soil health, protect human and animal welfare, and elevate culture and community. And by ensuring fair wages, good working conditions, and equitable access to resources, Good Food provides for the estimated 4.5 billion people who work in global food supply chains.

  • 3billion

    people cannot afford healthy diets

  • 1/3of greenhouse gas

    emissions stem from the food system. Emissions are expected to rise

  • $9trillion

    is the food systems global market value, but it drives more than twice that in additional economic, environmental and health costs

A Closer Look

Diet Quality Determines Health Outcomes

Poor diet is the leading risk factor for disease, disability, and premature death in the majority of countries around the world – a larger determinant of death than tobacco, drug use, or alcohol use combined.

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At The Rockefeller Foundation, we aim to improve the dietary quality of at least 40 million vulnerable children and families around the world in the next three years by expanding access to and availability of Good Food.

Milestone Tracking

Our Work and Impact

To build a more regenerative, nourishing and just food future, we are launching a bold new strategy to support and incentivize food systems around the world to produce and consume Good Food.

We’re investing in data and science to better understand the costs and benefits of the food we eat, advancing transformative food policies that improve equitable access to Good Food for millions of people, and redirecting existing spending toward Good Food.

The Rockefeller Foundation has a longstanding commitment to improve lives and the planet, and unleash human potential through innovation. We are dedicated to the principle that all people have the right to health, food, power and economic mobility. Today, Dr. Rajiv Shah will unveil our largest-ever investment in food systems to increase access to Good […]
  • Our food systems can improve health outcomes, advance global sustainability, and lift millions out of poverty. With the Good Food Strategy, we can help achieve those goals and make leaps toward a better food future.
    Dr. Rajiv J. Shah
    President of The Rockefeller Foundation, at The Rockefeller Foundation and EAT co-hosted event “Reimagining Food Systems”
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