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Gender Equality

Women are agents of change. Across continents and sectors, women are advancing equality to address the most pressing issues of our time, from climate change to political empowerment and human rights.

The struggle for gender equality is intertwined with and critical to The Rockefeller Foundation’s work to promote the well-being of humanity and reverse the climate crisis. Whether promoting regenerative agriculture, advancing a just transition to a climate-safe world, creating more equitable economic structures, or innovating to address the health impacts of climate change so that people can live healthier lives, we will never fully realize our goals without also addressing the issues of inequality and discrimination.

In this edition of Bellagio Perspectives, we interview 10 women who are working to eliminate gender inequities and create better futures for women and girls. At the heart of all their work is the idea of connection. By understanding the connections between gender equality and issues like climate change, racial and economic justice, health, political participation, and many others, we can craft more effective solutions. By building connections between women working for change, we can leverage their power and create a more equitable world.

As Pat Mitchell says, “When you bring smart, experienced women leaders together and give them the opportunity to share and problem-solve, they will.”

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