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In January 2021, The Rockefeller Foundation started the STAT Communications Network with 27 members from governors’ offices and public health agencies involved in the State and Territory Alliance for Testing (STAT).

By December 2021, the network developed into a Community of Practice, convening 21 times and reaching 950 participants from over 300 organizations. Communicators from all across the US and in various industries have joined us for a bi-weekly webinar series sharing case studies, messaging guidance, and the communications work of a range of organizations.

Hattaway Communications – an independent strategic communications firm – provides planning and logistical support for the Communications Community of Practice as the group’s secretariat.

  • 950community

    members from

  • 300organizations

    around the world

  • 21webinar

    opportunities in 2021 to learn together


  • Stefanie Friedhoff, Senior Director of Content, Strategy and Public Affairs, Brown University school of Public health
  • Claire Wardle, PhD, US Editor First Draft News
  • Catherine Chao, Director of Strategy & Evaluation, The Ad Council,
  • Lucy Schulson, Associate Physician Policy Research, RANDCorporation
  • Gilberto Lopez,Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, Covid Health Animation Project
  • Former Congressman Denver Riggleman, (R-VA-05)
  • Kevin Parent, Social Media Lead, Ottawa Public Health Department
  • Stop the Spread
  • mPulse Mobile
  • City of Falls Church, Virginia
  • Falls Church City Public Schools
  • The Virality Project, Manager, Pandemics, Health Initiative, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Atul Nakhasi, co-founder #ThisIsOurShot initiative
  • Leah Perkinson, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Ken Cherry, DC Friendship Public Charter School
  • So O’Neil, Director, Health Philanthropy Portfolio, Mathematica
  • Kimberly Coleman, DC Area Manager, CORE
  • David Clark, CEO, Shield T3
  • Craig Stephens, Sanfilippo Professor, Biology Department and Public Health Program, Santa Clara University
  • Celine Schmidek, Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications, Santa Clara University
  • David French, senior editor at The Dispatch
  • Curtis Chang, co-founder, Christians and the Vaccine
  • Kris Carter, co-founder, Christians and the Vaccine
  • Bill Maurello, CCO with Shield T3,
  • Fresia Cortes, Director, Operations, Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public, Washington, DC
  • Elle Carnes, Director of Operational Strategy & Effectiveness, Mundo Verde Public Charter School, Washington, DC
  • Maria Teresa Kuma, President, Voto Latino
  • Angelo Carusone, President, Media Matters for America
  • Johns Hopkins University International Vaccine Center
  • Sandra Dobson, VALUE Baltimore
  • Ifeoma Ike, CEO, Pink Cornrows
  • Tia Thomas, Design Apprentice at Wide Angle Youth Media
  • Aurora Harris, Aurora Harris is the Southern Regional Director for Young Invincibles

Topics & Resources

Humor to fight rumors, artificial intelligence to catch early concerns, and more equitable approaches to defining “influencers,” our discussions have ranged far and wide. Our community of practice has covered:


Back To School

Increasing Confidence in Covid-19 Precaution in Schools

Back to School: A Covid-19 Retrospective and What Lies Ahead for Higher Education

A Case Study In Creativity: Fall 2021 School Reopening


Misinformation & Narratives

Battling Disinformation in the Age of Conspiracy Theories & Covid-19 w/ Former Rep. Denver Riggleman

Faith and Fear: How Public Health Can Reach Conservative Christians

Combatting Testing Fatigue in the Age of Vaccines

How Communicators Can Fight Misinformation, with The Virality Project


Equity in Communications

Equity in Communications: How to Move from Intention to Reality with Pink Cornrows

The Latino Anti-Disinformation Lab: Building Trust & Mobilization in the Latinx Community

Year in Review: STAT Communications Community of Practice

Equity in Communications: How the Hyperlocal Approach Increases Vaccine Equity


Technology in Communications

Implementing Vaccine Access Strategies and Communications in Local Neighborhoods, with Stop the Spread

A Chatbot Named Vira: Social Listening and the Role of AI in Supporting Vaccine Outreach


Motivating Messages

Navigating the Newsroom: A Health Reporter and Public Health Communicators Share Their Best Practices

Who Are We Now? Reflections & Recommendations For Pandemic Communications

Masks and Tests and Shots—Oh, My! How to Talk to Kids & Parents About Covid-19 Safety

Message Handbook: Covid-19 Testing and Tracing, September 2020

Vaccine Confidence Message Brief, March 2021

Reinforcing the Value of Covid-19 Testing Message Brief, June 2021

Covid Complications: Insights and Guidance on Ongoing Pandemic Communication, October 2021

Rapid Testing Message Brief, November 2020

Covid-19 Messaging with the AdCouncil

Lessons in Communicating with Humor & Authenticity, featuring Kevin Parent from Ottawa Public Health

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