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Jan 27 2021
2020 Menino Survey of Mayors: Policing and Protests
The murders George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and so many others, led to protests against police brutality across America’s cities. The country found itself in the midst of a …
Economic Equity U.S. & the Americas
Dec 09 2020
Powering an Inclusive Covid-19 Recovery
Compounding the enormous suffering caused by Covid-19 illnesses and deaths, the world is facing the largest peacetime shock to the global economy in a century. Past crises opened windows of …
Power Global
Dec 03 2020
2020 Menino Survey: Covid-19 Recovery and the Future of Cities
With Covid-19 having major implications across the nation, America’s mayors express concern about the future of their cities in the aftermath of the pandemic. The latest Menino Survey of Mayors …
Economic Equity Innovative Finance U.S. & the Americas
Dec 03 2020
GCEEP Electricity Access 2020 Report
A third of all humanity lacks access to reliable power. This blunt reality drives immense social inequities. Access to power spells the difference, literally, between darkness and light. It determines …
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