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Sep 07 2021
Smart Power Connect | August 2021
India has made significant strides in achieving widespread electrification, connecting more than 750 million people over the last two decades. However, the electric power consumed per capita in India is 75% less …
Power Asia
Aug 30 2021
Co-Develop: Digital Public Infrastructure for an Equitable Recovery
As we build back better from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have an unprecedented opportunity to build digital public infrastructure that promotes inclusion, human rights, and progress toward global goals. This report outlines an agenda for international cooperation on digital public infrastructure to guide future investments and expansion of this critical tool.
Technology & Innovation Global
Jul 25 2021
Implementing Covid-19 Routine Testing in K–12 Schools: Lessons and Recommendations from Pilot Sites
The Rockefeller Foundation partnered with six school sites across the country to pioneer rigorous Covid-19 testing strategies that would keep children safe and schools open for learning. The effort, called the K-12 Testing Protocol Demonstration Project, launched in October 2020 in 335 schools and affiliated locations across Louisville, Ky.; Los Angeles; New Orleans; Tulsa, Okla.; the District of Columbia; and State of Rhode Island—unearthing key guidance and considerations applicable to peer schools nationwide.
Health U.S. & the Americas
Jul 12 2021
Zero Gap Fund: State of the Portfolio 2020
The past year has been a period of unprecedented challenge and dislocation around the globe, yet also a time of resilience and determination. Our collective response to the Covid-19 pandemic …
Innovative Finance Global
Jun 30 2021
Reinforcing the Value of Covid-19 Testing: Message Brief
As public attention has turned to vaccines, it is more important than ever that we reinforce the importance of widespread testing to stop new outbreaks before they start. We are launching a Message Brief on Reinforcing the Value of Covid-19 Testing to explore the motivations behind Americans getting tested even as vaccinations rates rise. Insights are informed by a nationally-representative study conducted by Hattaway Communications to identify how vaccination status may or may not affect attitudes about testing.
Health U.S. & the Americas