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Mar 28 2022
The Path Forward: COVID GAP
At this pivotal moment, COVID GAP urges the world’s response to the pandemic to shift from emergency crisis management to a sustainable control strategy. This strategy should help to build …
Health Global
Mar 22 2022
2021 Menino Survey: Closing the Racial Wealth Gap
The racial wealth gap is wider for Black and Latinx families compared to White families than for any other racial identifications. Nationwide, it persists across a variety of assets, including …
Economic Equity U.S. & the Americas
Dec 20 2021
Early Insights from the Equity-First Vaccination Initiative
In Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Newark, and Oakland, The Rockefeller Foundation’s $20M Equity-First Vaccination Initiative (EVI), supported over 100 community-based organizations working to increase vaccine confidence and uptake in communities of …
Health U.S. & the Americas
Nov 22 2021
2021 Menino Survey of Mayors: Building Back Better
Covid-19 has posed unprecedented and long-lasting economic, political, and social challenges to American cities. It has crippled small businesses, heightened an already escalating housing crisis, laid bare massive racial inequality, …
Economic Equity U.S. & the Americas