Xiomara Acevedo

Founder and Director, Barranquilla +20

Big Bet: Bring thousands of women to global and local government discussions to improve climate policies

Project: Mainstream education on the intersection of gender equality and climate justice to recognize women’s knowledge and contributions, particularly from local communities, to play central roles in the development of climate policy. Mobilizing women from local communities will help to establish more inclusive climate governance structures for effective climate action across Latin America and the Caribbean. The need to center solutions on the intersecting challenges of climate change and gender inequality is even greater considering that women and girls are disproportionately affected by the negative impacts of climate change and often overlooked in the current decision-making processes at all scales.

Xiomara Acevedo Navarro is a Colombian climate and nature leader serving as the founder and director of Barranquilla+20 Foundation, an NGO focused on educating and mobilizing youth and women to drive climate and biodiversity action in Colombia and in LAC. Recognized for her impactful work around the globe, Barranquilla+20 Foundation has reached over 32,000 people.

Notable achievements include coordinating climate policies at subnational levels, such as Nariño’s Comprehensive Plan for Climate Change Management and Atlántico’s Climate Emergency Declaration. Xiomara also founded the Women for Climate Justice network, amplifying women’s voices in climate advocacy. Xiomara has been named one of the 50 “rising stars” in ESG and as a One Young World Ambassador. Additionally, she received the National Youth Volunteer Award.

Engaging actively in the Global Youth Biodiversity Network since 2014, she coordinates the Colombian Chapter, advocating for youth engagement in global scenarios like COPs. Within the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition, she facilitates regional capacity building and is part of their pioneer Loss and Damage Youth Grantmaking Council, while also advising the Earthshot Prize by H. R Prince William.

Xiomara holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations, a specialization in climate change, and cities, and a master’s degree in Conservation Leadership.