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Mies de Koning

Vice PresidentHuman Resources, The Rockefeller Foundation

Mies de Koning joined The Rockefeller Foundation in early 2020. As a member of the Human Resources team, he provides bespoke learning and organizational development solutions to support team effectiveness, leadership development, and professional advancement across the Foundation.

Building on his early career experience as a group therapist working with families in mental healthcare, Mies moved his focus towards academia and change management. Mies managed faculty, research, and curriculum for the Social Work-Change Leadership Program at Avans University in the Netherlands. He lectured Group Dynamics and Leadership Development and built national networks for knowledge creation and social innovation with public and private partner organizations. After moving to the United States in 2016, he led the Talent Development function at The New York Public Library.

Mies is Senior Action Learning Coach and holds two master’s degrees, in Social and Community Studies from De Montfort University (UK), and in Change Management from SIOO Interuniversity (NL).

Authored Content

  • Apr 23 2024
    Perspective Thought Leadership Development in Organizational Networks Read about the importance of leadership development through dedicated learning spaces and networks. The Rockefeller Foundation invested in custom leadership programs aimed at emerging and executive leaders, emphasizing the power of collective leadership for effecting change. Mies de Koning, Shannon Hill