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Until the Water: Oubre

Frank Relle, 2020

Artist: Frank Relle
Medium: photograph on paper (ed. of 35)
Dimensions: 25 x 38 in / 64 x 97 cm (cropped)

Frank Relle is a photographer born and based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Until the Water explores the bayous, lakes, and swamps of Louisiana. To create this series, he spent six years exploring Louisiana by boat. He follows moon phases and seasonal cycles of high and low water to plan the timing for my swamp trips. Each year he spends 40-60 nights camping and photographing along the water in different regions throughout the state. He rigs a lighting system to his flatboat. After positioning the lights, he gets out of the boat and, from the water level perspective, composes photographs from his camera affixed to a custom built tripod able to stand in 25 feet of water. The series reminds viewers that the landscape is in a constant state of change, and that within those transformations are moments of both melancholy and transcendent beauty. He believes that the transient beauty inherent in nature’s cycles of loss and recovery offer us a place for reflection.

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