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Let's Compromise

Alexander Gorlizki, 2017

Artist: Alexander Gorlizki
Medium: pigment and gold on paper
Dimensions: 22 1/2 x 16 3/4 in / 57.1 x 42.5 cm

Born in London, Alexander Gorlizki currently lives and works in New York. Gorlizki’s works on paper originate from an obsession with Indian Miniature paintings – a tradition that he has subverted and applied to his own particular visual language. He opened a studio in Jaipur, India, in the mid 1990s, with Riyaz Uddin, a master painter with command of the technique that goes back over 600 years. Gorlizki draws out compositions that Uddin then paints with a single hair-tipped brush. When not working together in the studio, drawings get sent back and forth to be modified and adapted between New York and Jaipur, often over a period of years.

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