Permanent Collection/

First in Her Field

Cecile Chong, 2022

Artist: Cecile Chong
Medium: encaustic and mixed media on panel (diptych)
Dimensions: 24 x 96 in / 61 x 243.8 cm

Cecile Chong was born in Ecuador to Chinese parents and grew up in Quito and Macau. Her works range from encaustic mixed media on panel to large scale installations in public parks. Her art addresses ideas of cultural interaction and interpretation, as well as the commonalities humans share in our relationship to nature and to each other. Inspired by materials as signifiers, she is interested in how we acquire and share culture, and how world cultures now overlap and interact in ways previously inconceivable. In First in Her Field, the tapestry-like space of waxy blue and yellow hues surround lovingly rendered storybook figures, traced from folklorish origins of both the East and West, merging traditions and meditating on the universality of visual language.

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