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Three Voices: Global Women Climate Activists Speak Out

Climate change affects everyone, but not equally. It is well-established that climate change has a greater impact on the world’s most vulnerable, and worsens existing inequalities. Women often face higher risks and burdens from climate change—one reason their voices are so important. Listen to three women who have participated in The Rockefeller Foundation events and panels.

Ayisha Siddiqa

Ayisha Siddiqa is a Pakistani-American climate justice advocate who founded Polluters Out, a global youth activist coalition, and helped launch Fossil Free University, an activism training course. “When you don’t have enough money and power to stand up, you are expendable,” she says—and this is what she’s working to change.

Nidhi Pant

Nidhi Pant is the found of S4S Technologies, aimed at reducing food waste and carbon emissions while addressing poverty and gender inequality. Make the whole community more prosperous by ensuring women are among the climate decision-makers, she says.

Habiba Ali

Habiba Ali is the CEO of Sosai Renewable Energies Co., a Nigerian-based company providing solar solutions. She calls on investors to prioritize funding to women doing climate change work.

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