Awarded May 31-2024
Pasteur Network Assocation 2024
in support of developing a network of observatories to monitor the relationship between health and climate change to inform policies that benefits vulnerable populations globally
    Awarded Aug 28-2023
    Global Resilient Cities Network 2023
    toward the costs of identifying innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change on the health of underserved urban populations globally
      Awarded Aug 29-2023
      United Nations Foundation 2023
      in support of accelerating the impact of the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence, by developing programs for genomics and climate-health intelligence, to help improve pandemic preparedness in the face of climate change
        Awarded Jul 27-2023
        Hivos Foundation 2023
        in support of identifying the health and climate priorities of indigenous Amazonian populations, particularly women, and providing technical assistance to implement locally-driven solutions
          Awarded Oct 06-2023
          New Venture Fund 2023
          in support of developing and distributing epidemic intelligence software to help establish a more coherent and well-integrated international public health tech landscape
            Awarded Jul 10-2023
            Makerere University School of Public Health 2023
            In support of developing a climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment and resilience plan for Uganda’s health systems with a focus on its most vulnerable communities
              Awarded Jul 27-2023
              The University of the West Indies 2023
              in support of developing an assessment and study quantifying the impact of climate change on the health and economies of impoverished and vulnerable Caribbean populations
                Awarded Feb 06-2023
                Harvard University 2023
                for use by its T. H. Chan School of Public Health in support of a commission on the future of post-pandemic health and economic resiliency in Africa
                  Awarded Oct 24-2022
                  Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) 2022
                  In support of increasing Covid-19 vaccination access and uptake in vulnerable and high-risk populations through the implementation of innovative, data-driven health service delivery approaches