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TP Renewable Microgrid

Former Initiative

A Powerful Partnership

We launched TP Renewable Microgrid in November 2019 to empower 25 million Indians – establishing a new model for the large-scale partnerships that are needed to bend the energy access curve in India, and worldwide.

This groundbreaking collaboration with India’s largest integrated power company, Tata Power, is implemented in collaboration with Smart Power India and the Institute of Transformative Technologies. TP Renewable Microgrid will be the world’s largest microgrid developer and operator, amplifying the Government of India’s campaign to expand access to affordable, reliable electricity for millions of rural homes and enterprises.

Children drinking soda from a mini-grid powered shop in Derni, Bihar.
  • 25million

    directly impacting 25 million lives over the next decade

  • 10thousand

    villages reached across rural India

  • 5million

    households provided clean power

Partnering for Impact

Investment & Impact

At scale, TP Renewable Microgrid will catalyze $1 billion in investment in decentralized renewable energy solutions and generate widespread impact over the next decade.

Narindra Parsa, Bihar.
  • 100thousand

    rural enterprises' growth supported

  • 400thousand

    local farmers provided irrigation

  • 1million

    tons of carbon dioxide emissions cut every year

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