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Global Economic Recovery

Mobilizing development finance for an inclusive, sustainable future


The Rockefeller Foundation’s Global Economic Recovery team is working with a broad alliance of nations, institutions, and individuals to strengthen and augment institutions that have been held back by obsolete rules and procedures. We’re focused on building a global financial architecture that can mobilize substantially more, and better quality, financing.

What happens next on global economic reforms will signal the world’s commitment to long-term gains rather than short-term payback. Urgent action is needed to preserve the promise at the core of the global economic order, making it adaptable to the 21st century’s challenges and opportunities.

  • Report

    Reimagining the Role of Multilateral Development Banks

    To unlock the full potential of global institutions, we must reimagine our decades-old financial economic order.
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Impact Stories

  • We are focused on confronting climate change, in part, by reimagining our global financing system to support the most vulnerable countries and communities – people like 60-year-old Kenyan farmer Julia Muroko.