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Powering Humanity: Essays on Energy and Society

By Michael E. Webber

Michael is a global expert in energy and cleantech. He came to Bellagio in 2022 to write a book that explores the nexus of food and energy. He has authored more than 400 publications, holds 6 patents, and serves on the advisory board for Scientific American. His book, Power Trip: The Story of Energy, was turned into a six-part series that aired on PBS, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV. He is the Josey Centennial Professor in Energy Resources at the University of Texas at Austin and CTO of Energy Impact Partners.

A few words with Michael:

“My advice to future residents is to remember that this is a privilege and an honor – soak it up, be fully present, and spend your time writing instead of responding to emails. Take every opportunity to meet every other member of your cohort.”


“Powering Humanity: Essays on Energy and Society” pulls together some of Michael E. Webber’s most notable, entertaining, sometimes prescient and sometimes flat-out wrong musings from nearly two hundred op-eds, features and general interest articles he authored or co-authored between 2008 and 2022. These essays offer a whirlwind global tour of energy’s relevance across modern society as we collectively grapple with an energy transition that is already underway.

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Michael’s “Power Trip: The Story of Energy” is available for streaming on PBS. Learn more about the project on its website.