Grantees on the Covid-19 Frontline/

Providing Access to Government Benefits

The Covid-19 pandemic has burdened the well-being of families already battling fiscal insecurity, with a wave of widespread unemployment exacerbating the universal concern of protecting family health from illness during the pandemic. #MeetingthisMoment will require the use of data science and technology to ensure that individuals who may be unaware of their eligibility for economic benefits and social services, actually claim or apply for such benefits to weather the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In this video, learn how Benefits Data Trust and are working to secure families’ financial and physical health to keep house and home together during the pandemic.

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Each year, Benefits Data Trust applies tens of thousands of people for government programs using private sector strategies and works across the country to increase individuals’ access to benefits and services. Since inception, BDT has screened more than 930,000 households and secured over $7 billion in benefits and services that help individuals and families reach financial stability. is a platform for partnerships to build the field of data science for social impact. They envision a world that uses the power of data science to tackle society’s greatest challenges. They work with organizations from all over the world to increase the use of data science in order to improve the lives of millions of people.