17 Rooms: Forging New Paths to Action

17 Rooms is a new approach to growing action for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The platform aims to promote collaborative actions and insights within each SDG, while also spurring practical connections across all the goals. Watch this video to learn about what 17 Rooms is, and how it works. In each 17 Rooms process, individual working groups (or “Rooms”), typically one per SDG, are tasked with a common assignment of identifying cooperative actions to take over the subsequent 12-18 months. Emerging ideas are then shared across Rooms to spot opportunities for collaboration. All 17 Rooms processes are defined by three key design principles: 1) All SDGs get a seat at the table, 2) Take a next step, not the perfect step, and 3) Conversations, not presentations.

Convened by the Center for Sustainable Development at The Brookings Institution and The Rockefeller Foundation’s Innovation team, the 17 Rooms initiative has evolved along two main tracks: (1) an annual global flagship process, which brings together leading policy experts and practitioners to tackle international-scale SDG challenges; and (2) “17 Rooms-X,” a widely accessible methodology to help local communities take practical next steps toward achieving the SDGs.

If you are interested in learning more about the 17 Rooms flagship process or are in hosting a 17 Rooms-X in your local community, please visit… or contact

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