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Cars today can drive 300 miles with no gasoline, yet in rural Asia and Africa children are choking from kerosene lamps, women risk danger walking unlit roads, and families are trapped in poverty all because they don’t have access to electricity. But as we see more families and businesses using solar panels and neighborhood micro-grids, we believe it’s possible to bring electricity to the 1.2 billion people who live without it. Just as we created a market for investments that make impact, not just money, we must create a new market for bringing energy to the developing world – extending a key ladder to opportunity for hundreds of millions living in poverty.

The GCEEP is comprised of heads of development banks, utilities, and 
off-grid firms, along with senior academics, industry leaders and investors. Throughout the course of the year ahead the Commission intends to forge a robust, actionable consensus that lays out viable pathways for providing electricity services to hundreds of millions of under-served homes and business more quickly and more cost-effectively than the current trajectory.

2 billion people are still living without access to reliable, affordable electricity, and nearly half of them do not have access to electricity at all. Together with UMass Amherst, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University and Colorado School of Mines, we are committed to building the data tools of the future that can help end energy poverty today.

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    17 Rooms Global Flagship Meeting Summary Report

    Time is running fast for the bold set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the world’s governments have agreed to achieve by 2030. Without more significant action soon, too many targets will fall short. That’s a big reason why a clock, and the dreaded words “Time’s up!”, are central features of the closing session […]
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