Trevor Hancock

Trained as a family physician in Britain, Dr. Trevor Hancock practised medicine in Canada for four years before beginning his career in public health. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a master’s degree in Health Science and worked for Peel Region and Toronto public health departments. He is a public health consultant with academic appointments at York University Faculty of Environmental Studies since 1986 and has written and presented around the world on health promotion, sustainable development and healthy futures. Dr. Hancock developed the “mandala of health” model of health determinants with Fran Perkins and promoted the concept of sustainable development by organizing a conference on health and the economy in 1989. He was leader of the Green Party of Canada from 1983 to 1985 and ran unsuccessfully in the 1984 election. Dr. Hancock has written extensively on health futurism and was a founding member of Paradigm Health, a Toronto-based health futures think-tank. He has been an active member of the Ontario Public Health Association and served on the CPHA Board of Directors. He was a consultant to the Health Toronto 2000 Project, the Canadian Healthy Communities Project, and the WHO Europe Healthy Cities Project, broadening the healthy public policy debate to include landscape architects, economists, planners, developers and environmentalists. Dr. Trevor Hancock was awarded CPHA’s Honorary Life Membership in 1990.