Traci Carpenter

Former Speechwriter, Nissan Motor Corporation

Authored Content

  • Apr 29 2015
    Blog Post Spoken From the Heart: An Interview with StoryCorps' Eve Claxton Last year, The Rockefeller Foundation set out on a mission to learn all we could about how social impact organizations can tell more powerful stories. One thing we’ve heard over and over again is that there is nothing more powerful than a story told by the people who lived it. And perhaps no one is […] Eve Claxton, Traci Carpenter
  • Feb 28 2015
    Report Telling and Spreading Stories That Fuel Change In September 2014, a remarkable group of individuals convened at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Italy to discuss how to help those in the social impact sector use the full power of storytelling and infuse memorable, mind-changing stories into their work. The room was filled with thought-provoking journalists, accomplished documentarians, digital strategists who challenge traditional story construction, practitioners working with organizations every day, a leading […] Justina Chen, Andy Goodman, Garth Moore, James Geneske, Kristen Grimm, Lara Setrakian, Liba Rubenstein, Maria Ressa, Marjan Safinia, Matt Locke, Robert Medina, Shankar Vedantam, Traci Carpenter, Victor Ombonya, Wendy Levy
  • Oct 03 2014
    Blog Post Defining the Problem to Find the Solution “Given one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and 5 minutes finding the solution.” ~ Albert Einstein When Judith Rodin took over as president of The Rockefeller Foundation in 2005, she had a vision to re-imagine how the Foundation understood and intervened in the pressing challenges that confronted […] Traci Carpenter
  • Jan 27 2014
    Blog Post The Five People You Meet in Impact Investing This work was originally detailed in The Rockefeller Foundation 2012 Annual Report. At The Rockefeller Foundation, we talk a lot about the critical importance of unlocking private capital to solve the world’s problems, and we’ve invested more than $40 million in building the impact investing field over the past seven years. But too often the conversation […] Traci Carpenter
  • Jan 07 2014
    Blog Post How Michael Found His Passion As a Strawberry Farmer With so many inspiring stories illustrating the incredible impact of our grantees’ work, choosing just the right one for our annual report was a daunting task. But when we saw this video (courtesy of our grantee Farm Concern International) of Michael Njau, a young strawberry farmer from Kenya, we knew his was the right story […] Traci Carpenter