Terrell Seabrooks

Program AssociateInnovation, The Rockefeller Foundation

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  • Apr 14 2023
    Blog Post Tackling Clean Water Advocacy, a Different Way: The Rise of BlueConduit In late 2019, when the pandemic first began to compel a nationwide lockdown of offices and public spaces, residents of Buffalo, NY braced for a difficult quarantine. It was an unsettling scene replicated across the country, made worse by the addition of a toxic element specific to Buffalo: Lead. It was in their soil, their […] Michelle No, Terrell Seabrooks
  • Jul 26 2022
    Blog Post Unleashing the Power of Machine Learning to Secure Safe Drinking Water In the United States, over 10 million homes receive drinking water from toxic lead pipes. Low-income and minority households are at increased risk for harms of lead contamination, perpetuating decades of social, health and environmental injustices. Progress towards addressing these lingering problems has been slow, but new technologies offer hope for speeding up lead pipe […] Ian Robinson, Terrell Seabrooks
  • Mar 28 2022
    Blog Post Putting the Needs of Vulnerable Populations First: Collaborating to Address AI Bias Artificial intelligence, or AI, and machine learning is used in myriad ways across the public and private sectors. It can serve as a tool to solve a wide range of societal problems, such as preventing homelessness, improving agricultural capacity, or combating pathogens. However, a critical challenge facing these tools is AI bias, an issue that can lead […] Evan Tachovsky, Terrell Seabrooks