Tayo Akinyemi

Director, AfriLabs

Tayo Akinyemi is an entrepreneurship enthusiast who has worked for several young ventures in the US, Africa, and Latin America. She began her career at an NGO dedicated to advancing women in corporate business. Since then she has focused, with varying degrees of success, on understanding how businesses are built and sustained. From developing a community-inclusive business strategy for a greenfield sugarcane ethanol venture in Mozambique to executing the US entry strategy for a digital marketing company in Brazil, Tayo has also explored the social impact of commercial business.

Tayo has an master’s in business administration from Cornell University and a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

Authored Content

  • Dec 18 2014
    Blog Post Engaging African Tech Hubs in the Search for Digital Jobs “As we will be working with other hubs in Africa, the other teams will understand many of the issues that Africa faces, and perhaps offer solutions that are not readily available in Liberia currently.” African tech hubs are in a unique position to identify impactful innovations. Not only do they support tech communities, but they […] Tayo Akinyemi