Sweta Daga


Sweta Daga is a freelance writer based in India for various nonprofit organizations, such as Amnesty International, Digital Green, and American Indian Foundation.

Authored Content

  • Nov 20 2014
    Blog Post In Indore, a Clean Water Project Benefits from Strong Partnerships “Only when people demanded water did we get involved, because we knew that without their participation, it would fail.” Sarita Yadav is a determined woman. Growing up in Indore, she saw first-hand how dirty water impacted her community. “We had no options,” she recalls. “It was either the borehole water or no water, and people […] Sweta Daga
  • Nov 10 2014
    Blog Post Restoring Indore's Lakes to Create an Emergency Water Supply “Our first step was to engage the local community to gauge the importance of the lakes in their daily lives… They told us that the lakes were a large part of their livelihoods, so we started to work with them to restore them.” Sunil Kumar Garg has been an officer with the Indore Municipal Corporation […] Sweta Daga
  • Oct 28 2014
    Blog Post To Reduce Heat Stress, Indore Develops Cool Roof Technology As the population of Indore city continues to grow and settlements in some areas increase in density, vulnerable communities are faced with the challenge of poor ventilation. Their homes, which utilize low-cost building materials, including tin roofs, often keep the heat and humidity inside, rendering them almost intolerable in the summer months. Climate change and […] Sweta Daga
  • Oct 22 2014
    Blog Post Indore Prevents Disease Outbreaks Through Better Surveillance Systems “The data is so strong, we can forecast diseases and begin to see the cause of outbreaks in particular areas, particularly when they are water-borne.” In Indore, lack of clean drinking water and sanitation issues are together the leading cause of several diseases, from dysentery to malaria. With more intense and frequent storms, poor sewerage […] Sweta Daga
  • Sep 30 2014
    Blog Post Communities Build Natural Barriers to Tackle Erosion “During one flood, I lost between 300 and 400 orange trees, depriving my family of a large amount of income. When the roads would erode, we weren’t even able to leave the house.” Can Tho could be called the ‘Venice of Vietnam.’ Built around an extensive canal system, this low-lying city depends on its waterways […] Sweta Daga