Sarah Twombly

Strategist, Blue State Digital

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  • Jun 04 2014
    Blog Post Introducing Medellin’s Chief Resilience Officer This post originally appeared on 100 Resilient Cities. Oscar Santiago Uribe Rocha is Medellín, Colombia’s first Chief Resilience Officer (CRO)—the second CRO appointed anywhere in the world. His story is one of personal resilience, determination, and a vision compelling enough to bring world leaders together from across continents to address some of the most pressing […] Sarah Twombly
  • Apr 09 2014
    Blog Post Q&A With The World’s First Chief Resilience Officer A version of this post also appeared on 100 Resilient Cities. Patrick Otellini has a background in public policy, but has spent the last decade in the private sector dealing with complex planning, building and fire code issues. After learning San Francisco from the inside out as a code consultant, he was appointed to the […] Sarah Twombly