Ronda Carnegie

Chief Innovation Officer, The Female Quotient

Throughout her more than 35 year career, Ronda Carnegie, Chief Innovation Officer of The Female Quotient and Co-Founder of Connected Women Leaders, is known as a brand builder, content marketer, compelling communicator, revenue growth strategist, and innovative leader.

From The New Yorker to TED, from Sundance Institute to The Female Quotient, Ronda’s focus on building partnerships, marketing, communications, and relationship management has resulted in revenue and brand growth. With expertise working with a range of business sectors to include philanthropy and media, Ronda established the partnership road map for TED. She led unprecedented growth in TED’s history – from a single conference to a media company.

Ronda has a proven track record in developing and implementing market-driven strategies and is skilled in building products and managing global teams. Repeatedly Ronda has held leadership roles based on demonstrated success in creating new products, executing strategy, improving client relations, identifying growth opportunities, boosting market share, and inspiring her teams.  She is passionate about her work with Connected Women Leaders and is always thinking about advancing the collective through collaboration, bringing visibility to solutions, for transformative leaders ready to activate change.

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  • Mar 29 2022
    Blog Post Connected Women Leaders at Bellagio Who We Are Connected Women Leaders is a high-level cohort of global leaders, curated across geographies, generations, and expertise, initiated and supported by The Rockefeller Foundation. The mission of Connected Women Leaders is to activate the power of women, working together through connected leadership, to find better solutions to global challenges. Hafsat Abiola, Pat Mitchell, Ronda Carnegie