Robin Wyatt

Photographer & Writer, Robin Wyatt Vision

Robin Wyatt is a visual storyteller based in Asia.

Authored Content

  • Sep 13 2013
    Blog Post For Forgotten Island, Solar Energy Brings Promise of Hope In a landscape of endless brown, trucks honk at passersby and cyclists. The pontoon bridge that leads stretches from Bihar’s capital city, Patna, is one that few attempt to take; yet for many in villages around this city in India, it is a stretch that symbolizes a promise of hope. This bridge, it is believed, […] Robin Wyatt
  • Sep 09 2013
    Blog Post Energy Revolution in Rural India The smell of sweat and grease hangs heavy in the air. Dr. Shailendra Nath Sharan, fondly called “Bullu Ji,” peers through his spectacles, nodding his head as he inspects the machines. The CEO of DESI Power, an energy service company (ESCO), his quest for perfection is only heightened by his passion for what he does: […] Robin Wyatt
  • Aug 21 2013
    Blog Post Providing Light to the Rural Poor of India Draped in a red sari, covering her head, Seema Devi slouches over as she stitches a handkerchief. The room she sits in is bare, softly lit by a lantern charged by a solar-powered battery device on the shelf. She concentrates on the eye of the needle to insert another piece of thread. Deep in the […] Kanitha Kongrukgreatiyos, Robin Wyatt