Rob Garris

Former Managing Director, Bellagio Study and Conference Center

Robert Garris, Global Director of Admissions for Schwarzman Scholars, has built innovative international programs at universities and foundations for more than fifteen years. Prior to joining Schwarzman Scholars, he served in senior leadership roles at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Conference and Research Center as Managing Director; Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) as Senior Associate Dean, where he worked on all academic and administrative matters for the School and was responsible for coordinating the university’s efforts to open a Columbia Global Center in Beijing and leading efforts to build a global network of partner institutions in Europe, Asia, and Latin America; and at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. Garris received his Ph.D. in European History from the University of North Carolina, where he specialized in immigration and urban policy.

Authored Content

  • Dec 25 2014
    Report Planetary Health - Economist Intelligence Unit In 2013, Martin Rees, former president of the UK’s Royal Society, a prestigious fellowship of scientists from every field across science, engineering and medicine, wrote in Science magazine, “The main threats to sustained human existence now come from people, not from nature. We have a limited time base for exposure to [these threats] and can’t […] Rob Garris
  • Dec 10 2014
    Report The Economist - Securing Livelihoods As private and public players at all levels examine our progress in moving people out of poverty, the time is right to explore if and how livelihoods have improved. What factors really determine livelihoods? Which issues will most affect them over the next 20 to 30 years as economic growth shifts from West to East, amid increasing global interdependence? And how can […] Rob Garris
  • Dec 01 2014
    Report Transforming Cities Many of us live in cities, in sprawling, dense and socially diverse places that are the fabric of our work, families and communities. Within our nations, cities form the urban hub linking us with the rural environments that provide the vital food and water systems on which we depend. Across the world, some 600 cities form […] Rob Garris
  • Aug 15 2014
    Blog Post Inclusive Economies, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity and Expression June marked LGBT Pride Month, and a key question emerged for the Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador Group here at The Rockefeller Foundation as we reflected on LGBT issues alongside our goal of advancing inclusive economies: Has the recent increase in attention to LGBT issues both within the U.S. and lower-income countries catalyzed greater investment in […] Rachel Korberg, Rob Garris
  • Aug 05 2014
    Blog Post What's Next for the Future of Work? A version of this post also appeared in the Economist Intelligence Unit. Around the world, ambitious, creative thinkers and doers are expanding the livelihood opportunities for populations that had been marginalised from the economic opportunities around them. Mobile technologies are giving smallholder farmers and fishermen real-time access to critical market information. New forms of self-organisation are […] John Irons, Rob Garris