Richard Whitt

Founder, GLIAnet Project

Richard Whitt is an experienced corporate strategist and technology policy attorney. Currently he serves as Fellow in Residence with the Mozilla Foundation, and Senior Fellow with the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy. As head of NetsEdge LLC, he advises companies on the complex governance challenges at the intersection of market, technology, and policy systems. He is also president of the GLIA Foundation, and founder of the GLIAnet Project ( Richard is an eleven-year veteran of Google (2007-2018). I plan to further develop my book draft on the social impact of deep machine learning-based systems. My focus for the residency is a new chapter on the challenges presented by Institutional AIs, and concrete action plans to facilitate the emergence of Personal AIs. My book chapter will address how to ensure human autonomy and control over our computational “screens, scenes, and unseens.” The main objective is to add a compelling new dimension to the mix of solutions to address legitimate societal concerns about Institutional AIs. Can we create a future where the AI lurking behind our various digital interfaces doesn’t automatically cede to an institution’s priorities and incentives over people’s well-being? My proposal entails creating Personal AIs that have true allegiance to the end user. By introducing digital agents that truly represent and advocate for us as individuals, rather than corporate or government institutions, we can make the Web a more trustworthy and accountable place.

Highly experienced corporate strategist and attorney, possessing unique blend of public policy, technology, and business expertise. Currently developing novel ecosystem frameworks to govern emerging online platforms, including AI/machine intelligence systems, big data networks, augmented reality applications, Internet of Things, blockchain networks, and online content moderation practices. Former Googler (eleven-plus years), most recently as corporate director for strategic initiatives. Currently fellow with Mozilla, senior fellow with Georgetown Tech Law and Policy Institute, and president of NetsEdge LLC.

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