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  • Dec 19 2017
    Blog Post Talking About This Generation In the summer of 2017, The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center brought together a group of residents around the theme of “Youth as Agents of Transformative Change.” Participants hailed from eight different countries, representing academia, the private sector, civil society, activist organizations, and the arts including novelists, composers, and musicians. And while the focus of the […] Rachel Roberts
  • Jul 25 2017
    Blog Post Building a Generation of Change Agents When Martin Luther King Jr. led the Montgomery Bus Boycott, he was twenty-six years old. At twenty-four years old, Gandhi began his movement against racist pass laws in South Africa. Jane Adams started Hull House at the age of twenty-eight. The Dalai Lama led his people out of occupied Tibet into India before he was […] Claudia Juech, Rachel Roberts
  • Dec 07 2016
    Blog Post Inviting Constructive Controversy One of the twentieth century’s most original thinkers, Marcel Duchamp, once said, “I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.” The value of getting out of our own heads and challenging our preconceived notions has been part of the ethos and modus operandi of The Rockefeller Foundation […] Bethany Martin-Breen, Rachel Roberts