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Pilar Palacia

Managing DirectorBellagio Center, The Rockefeller Foundation

Pilar Palaciá joined the Foundation in 1991. As Managing Director of the Bellagio Center facilities, since 2005, based in Bellagio, Italy, Ms. Palaciá is in charge of all logistics and operations at the Bellagio Center, including managing all staff and outsourced services. She also serves as the Foundation’s representative to guests of the Bellagio Center’s residency programs and conferences.

Prior to her Bellagio appointment, Ms. Palaciá managed operations for the Foundation’s then office in San Francisco and earlier, the Foundation’s Latin America Office in Mexico City.

Ms. Palaciá has a bachelor’s degree in Translation, a Master’s in Humanities and two Post-Degrees in Human Resources and Thanatology.

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  • Apr 09 2020
    Blog Post The Bellagio Center: Part of Italy’s COVID-19 Epicenter In a normal spring, the sounds of ferry horns and motorboat engines would be rising up from Lake Como by now. Tourists strolling in groups by the water would be part of our view. Bellagio Center would be alive with scholars, policymakers and artists huddled in meetings, wandering through our gardens, or sharing dining room […] Pilar Palacia