Mwihaki Kimura Muraguri

Former Sr. Associate Director

Mwihaki Kimura Muraguri joined the Foundation in January 2010. Based in the Africa Regional Office as an Associate Director for Health, she implemented work in the area of health systems and disease surveillance across the region. She partnered with African governments and selected national and regional implementers to enable countries to be responsive to emerging pandemics and burgeoning health care demands by supporting health financing reforms. In addition, she led the Foundation’s growing effort concerning philanthropic work in the region.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Ms. Kimura Muraguri ran the KCB Foundation, a private-sector foundation that supports community development across Eastern Africa. For several years she led the HIV and AIDS program in AMREF in Kenya and served on a number of national health taskforces in Kenya.

Ms. Kimura Muraguri received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Natal South Africa, an Honours degree from the University of Cape Town and holds a master’s in Public Policy with a focus in International Health from Georgetown University.

Authored Content

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