Monika Freyman

CFA, Director Investor Water Initiatives, Ceres

Monika researches and conducts corporate and investor engagement on the risks and opportunities related to growing water scarcity and water quality issues. As a Chartered Financial Analyst with ten-years investing experience and a trained freshwater ecologist, she uses both skill-sets to find capital market solutions to water problems and to drive investors to more proactively consider water impacts and risks in their investment decision-making. Her work at Ceres as well consulting work for the Harvard Initiative for Responsible Investment and Trillium Asset Management looks to connect scientific findings more closely with the financial world.

Authored Content

  • Aug 02 2016
    Blog Post Wall-Street Warriors Becoming Water Aware Devastating droughts in California, Brazil, South Africa and elsewhere, coupled with global trends of groundwater depletion and water quality degradation are motivating investors to become more water aware. Drought in many regions is causing commodity prices for key ingredients to spike or is translating into higher energy costs, with both economic and societal ramifications. South […] Monika Freyman