Michael Berkowitz

Former Managing Director

Michael Berkowitz was the President of 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. Previously, Michael was the global head of Operational Risk Management (ORM) at Deutsche Bank, the head of CSBC in APAC, and editor of Emergency Preparedness News, a Washington, DC-based newsletter for emergency management professionals.

Authored Content

  • Aug 15 2018
    Blog Post Puerto Rico's Path to Resilient Recovery and Reconstruction Last fall, the Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundations, The Rockefeller Foundation, and 100 Resilient Cities came together to support the Resilient Puerto Rico Advisory Commission, a collaborative effort led by Puerto Rico’s philanthropic, business, government, and NGO sectors to build back an island that is physically, socially and economically resilient for the future. In June, the Commission released the ReImagina Puerto Rico Report, a […] Michael Berkowitz
  • Nov 16 2017
    Blog Post Helping Puerto Rico Rebound and Rebuild Over the course of just a few hours, Hurricane Maria exposed how fragile Puerto Rico is. Years of underinvestment in infrastructure and the recent financial crisis let the island languish. The storm caused the island’s entire electric grid to fail, its network of roads and highways to be disrupted, and clean drinking water delivery system […] Michael Berkowitz
  • Sep 20 2016
    Blog Post Why Cities Matter for Sustainable Development This post is part of a series on Advancing the Global Goals.   The 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) officially opens this week in New York, and much attention will rightly be given to the successful implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted at last year’s General Assembly and […] Michael Berkowitz
  • Sep 16 2015
    Blog Post Building Resilient Cities in the Face of Water Related Crises It’s been a decade since Hurricane Katrina caused one of the greatest humanitarian disasters known to American soil. Hurricane Katrina brought heavy rains, monumental surges, and unprecedented floods that upended hundreds of communities and thousands of lives, particularly in New Orleans. All told, more than 225 billion gallons of water had to be pumped out […] Ashvin Dayal, Michael Berkowitz
  • Jun 24 2015
    Blog Post A Smart City Must Learn to Be Resilient Too This post originally appeared on Business Today.  In its bid to transform the country’s urban landscape, the Indian government will launch the 100 Smart Cities program this month, aiming to bring about efficient and reliable infrastructure and services, enhanced quality of urban life, and economic opportunities for residents in selected cities. Information and communications technology solutions […] Anna Brown, Ashvin Dayal, Michael Berkowitz