Melissa Bradley

Managing Partner, 1863 Ventures

Community leader, entrepreneur, investor, and professor are just a few of the hats Melissa L. Bradley wears. With more than 20 years of experience she is most recently Founder and Managing Partner of 1863 Ventures – a business development program that accelerates New Majority entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth and is Co-founder of venture backed Ureeka – a community of over 10,000 small businesses gaining access to the expertise needed to grow their businesses. Serving as an advisor to the New Voices Foundation and New Voices Fund, as well as the Halcyon Fund Melissa was deservingly named one of The Most Entrepreneurial Women Investors in 2018.

Authored Content

  • Dec 03 2020
    EEO Changing the Landscape Through Access to Capital Small businesses are struggling to recover from Covid-19, and Black-owned businesses are among the hardest hit. Further complicating the recovery for these businesses is the fact that they typically have the hardest time gaining access to capital. Literally, landscapes will be changed, and communities left struggling unless avenues and methods for increasing access to capital […]