Megan Campbell

Director of Learning and Strategy, Feedback Labs

Megan is the Director of Learning and Strategy at Feedback Labs, where she helps to set the learning objectives and agenda for Feedback Labs by helping determine the right questions to ask, and how we should ask them. A systems design engineer by training, Megan has over a decade of experience promoting adaptive implementation in international development. She lived for five years in Malawi, working with Engineers Without Borders Canada to help national and local government officers experiment and develop new ways to improve water and sanitation service delivery. As Co-Director of EWB’s program in Malawi, Megan focused on finding ways to strengthen formal and informal feedback loops in the Malawian water and sanitation sector. She firmly believes that helping information travel within a system is a key prerequisite for learning and iterative improvement.

Upon her return to Canada Megan took on the management of Engineers Without Borders’ incubation portfolio. In that role, Megan mentored and supported early stage social enterprises working to transform service delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa. More recently, Megan worked with the Global Delivery Initiative secretariat at the World Bank to promote a common language with which to explore service delivery challenges and solutions. Megan is an Action Canada fellow and advisor to Fail Forward, and cheers with futility for the Toronto Blue Jays. She is a graduate of the University of Waterloo and the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University.

Authored Content

  • Jun 29 2020
    Blog Post Combatting Injustice: Why Listening to the Most Vulnerable Can Lead Us to a Better “New Normal” When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, PACE Center for Girls, a Feedback Labs partner, had to quickly find innovative ways to engage with the population they serve. When lockdown orders came into effect across the U.S., the girls and young women that PACE serves said they were worried about losing connections to their peers and friends […] Britt Lake, Megan Campbell, Veronica Olazabal