Martha Laboissiere

Country Director, Generation USA

Martha Laboissiere is the Country Director of Generation USA, an independent non-profit founded by McKinsey & Company. Generation is a youth training and employment program which aims to reach young adults across multiple geographies, and seeks to create and share an open-source, replicable, and scalable training approach to support tens of millions more people. Martha also serves as a senior expert at McKinsey & Company, where her work focuses on economic development and opportunity creation, with an emphasis on labor markets, post-secondary education, workforce development, and talent and human capital. Before joining McKinsey & Company in 2001, Martha received a doctorate in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and pursued an academic career.

Authored Content

  • Sep 24 2018
    Blog Post Cost-Per-Hire Calculator Helps Companies Assess Hiring Expenses The full cost of hiring can be more extensive than you think. Many companies see the importance of both assessing and minimizing their cost-per-hire. Talent managers use this metric to assess costs related to recruitment, onboarding, and training. But what about the indirect costs that are more difficult to calculate, like turnover? Generation, a non-profit […] Alyson Wise, Kat O'Neil, Martha Laboissiere