Margot Brandenburg

Former Senior Associate Director

Margot Brandenburg is a former senior associate director at The Rockefeller Foundation, where she worked on economic development program initiatives.

Authored Content

  • Jul 08 2014
    Blog Post Revolution Foods Delivers 1 Million Healthy Meals to U.S. Schools As written for The Power of Impact Investing: Putting Markets to Work for Profit and Global Good by Judith Rodin and Margot Brandenburg. “It’s time for a fresh approach to our kids’ nutrition,” say Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Tobey, cofounders of Oakland-based Revolution Foods, a company whose mission is to build lifelong healthy eaters by […] Judith Rodin, Margot Brandenburg
  • May 06 2014
    Blog Post 7 Things We've Learned About Impact Investing in 7 Years Today, our new e-book hit the digital shelves, “The Power of Impact Investing: Putting Markets to Work for Profit and Global Good.” This e-book has been in the making since 2007, when the term “impact investing” was first coined at a convening hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation at our Bellagio Conference Center. Seven years later, […] Judith Rodin, Margot Brandenburg
  • Sep 04 2012
    Report Impact Investing Scan Report The concept and the practice of Impact Investing—or the placement of capital with intent to generate positive social impact beyond financial return—have grown and matured significantly over the past five years. In 2008, the Monitor Institute took stock of the emerging industry and characterized it as being on the precipice of passing from a stage of “uncoordinated innovation” into […] Margot Brandenburg, Nancy MacPherson
  • Sep 04 2012
    Report Impact Investing Evaluation Report Based on the premise that international aid and public spending will never be enough to adequately fund and scale solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, the Rockefeller Foundation has, since 2008, supported the development of a global impact investing industry—an industry whose purpose is to enable the investment of capital with the intent to generate positive social impact […] Margot Brandenburg, Nancy MacPherson