Dr. Lindsey Shultz

Public Health Advisor, The COVID Tracking Project

Lindsey is a physician and public health analyst from Pittsburgh, PA. She was a member of the Science Communication team at The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic and served as a senior science advisor and team lead for COVID Explained and COVID Act Now. Her broader interests include harm reduction, bioethics, and health systems.  Both prior to and after graduate school, she worked with Prevention Point Pittsburgh focusing on evidence-based drug policy. She received her undergraduate degrees from the Carnegie Mellon University Science and Humanities Scholars program in Biological Sciences and Ethics, History, and Public Policy. She earned her MD from Weill Cornell Medical College, where she was awarded The Gustave J. Noback Memorial Prize in Anatomy for student instruction, and trained for her MPH at Columbia University where she focused on the implementation of scientifically rigorous policy reform at both a national and international level. Lindsey was a 4-time jeopardy champion and a semi-finalist in the 2019 Tournament of Champions.

Authored Content

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