Liddy Romero

Founder & Executive Director, WorkLife Partnership

Liddy founded WorkLife Partnership in 2009, building on her education, small business, and nonprofit experience to bring a new model for social enterprise to Colorado. In the last seven years, Liddy has been a catalyst for change in ways employers invest in their workforce to impact the bottom line and improve employee engagement and worker economic opportunities. Liddy has a dual role in serving as the Managing Director for WorkLab Innovations – a network organization that will lead in the replication and scale of the “workforce sustainability model” starting in 2017.

She has 14 years of experience in working with government entities, nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Liddy serves as an executive member of the Colorado Workforce Development Council, was an Aspen Institute Sector Skills Academy Marano Fellow, and currently sits on the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Community Development Advisory Council. Liddy holds a double Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Psychology from the University of Notre Dame. She lives in Centennial, Colorado with her spouse and three children.

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  • Mar 27 2017
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