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Leo Wolansky

DirectorPandemic Prevention Institute, The Rockefeller Foundation

As a data product professional, Leo has a passion for connecting disciplines to deliver modern data and analytics solutions that solve social or organizational problems. He’s spent most of his career at the nexus of product management, research, data, and analytics, previously in the fields of politics and business. Upon joining The Rockefeller Foundation, Leo was the Data Product Manager for Health Initiative, including its Precision Public Health and COVID-response work – a key role where he identified opportunities to support and leverage digital technologies to strengthen global health systems and improve health outcomes. Formerly, he was the VP of Analytics at Applecart, which specialized in leveraging social, demographic, and psychographic data to guide electoral campaign strategy and targeting.

As Director of Data Strategy and Products on the Pandemic Prevention Institute team, Leo is responsible for delivering user-driven data products that mitigate the threat of pandemics. He serves as a connector across the science, engineering, and partnerships teams, as well as between the PPI and its target users. He works with PPI and its partners to catalyze product innovations, improved access to and use of data, and harmonized data standards that better prepare the world for pandemics.

Authored Content

  • Dec 22 2021
    Field Note Tracking State Reporting of Covid-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections Today, we are releasing a reporting scorecard that evaluates U.S. state data reporting for Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough infections (BI) against best practices we have identified. We assign states letter grades based on their alignment with these best practices for reporting BI data and will update the grades monthly to monitor progress. The scorecard with states’ […] Dave Luo, Jennifer Clyde, Jessica Malaty Rivera, Jonathan Gilmour, Kaitlyn Johnson, Kara Schechtman, Leo Wolansky, Lindsey Shultz, Michal Mart, Rebecca Glassman
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