Lekan Tobe

Deputy Project Director, PYXERA Global

Lekan Tobe is with the Nigeria YieldWise project implemented by PYXERA Global. The initiative, funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, is located in Kano, northwest Nigeria with a goal to reduce postharvest loss in tomato. He holds a master’s degree in agriculture and has over 20-year experience supporting the African farmer with technology, training and value chain development. His other skills include market and financial linkages for smallholder farmers. Lekan is a member of many professional bodies which include the International Agricultural Extension Society and the Agricultural Society of Nigeria.

Authored Content

  • Aug 10 2017
    Blog Post Reducing Food Loss in Nigeria Through Solar-Dried Tomatoes Nigeria is Africa’s second largest tomato producer. Approximately 200,000 farmers, mostly located in 12 states, grow more than 1.8 million metric tons of tomatoes every year. This isn’t enough to meet the annual in-country demand of approximately 2.3 million tons, and the supply is further affected by 40-50% of the harvest that never reaches a […] Lekan Tobe, Renee Vuillaume