Laura Roberts

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  • Jan 11 2018
    Blog Post Technology: A Powerful (and Positive) Solution to the Future of Work These days, nearly every conversation about the future of work comes back to a central theme: How will automation shape the jobs of the future and the future of workers? For low-wage workers in particular, the predictions are troubling—a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute estimates an elimination of nearly 73 million jobs by […] Abigail Carlton, Laura Roberts
  • Mar 27 2017
    Blog Post Work-Life Navigation Goes National We all try to bring our best selves to work every day, but sometimes life gets in the way. For those of us fortunate enough to have access to networks and resources, “life” can often be easily managed with a few phone calls or transactions. For the 42 percent of the workforce making less than […] Laura Roberts, Liddy Romero
  • Feb 11 2016
    Blog Post First Jobs from the First Family: President Obama Proposes a New Plan to Employ American Youth Last week, the White House launched an ambitious effort to give one million young people a real chance at finding a lifelong career. As the job market continues to rebound from the Great Recession, with the United States experiencing the longest streak of private-sector job growth in recent history, young people—particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds—are at […] Laura Roberts