Kristin Sharp

Director, Initiative on Work, Workers, and Technology, New America

Kristin Sharp directs New America’s Initiative on Work, Workers, and Technology. In 2016, she co-founded and ran Shift: The Commission on Work, Workers, and Technology, a joint project of New America and Bloomberg.

Prior to launching SHIFT, she had an extensive career in technology, innovation, and national security policy in the U.S. Senate, most recently serving as deputy chief of staff to Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), and the architect of his initiative examining the impact of the on-demand economy and contingent workforce on capitalism.

Authored Content

  • Feb 28 2018
    Blog Post Announcing ShiftLabs: A Community Design Lab on the Future of Work Work is more than just a paycheck. It is the way we support our families and contribute to our communities. It is our primary vehicle for economic stability, opportunity, and upward mobility. And for many of us, it is how we spend the majority of our waking hours and is a source of purpose and […] Abigail Carlton, Kristin Sharp, Molly Kinder, Rachel Korberg