Kim Gilsdorf

Associate Director, FSG

Kim Gilsdorf is an Associate Director at FSG, a nonprofit, mission-driven consulting firm. She has spent the last several years advising foundations, corporations, nonprofits, and cross-sector partners in their work to create social change, with a focus on workforce development, youth employment, and philanthropic strategy. Kim recently co-authored “Investing in Entry-Level Talent,” a resource for employers that draws from FSG’s work with business leaders to create shared value. She firmly believes that when businesses focus on supporting and empowering people, they make the world a better place. When she’s not nerding out about the changing world of work, you can find her hiking in the mountains near Seattle.

Authored Content

  • Apr 04 2017
    Blog Post Why Companies Should Invest More In The Retention Of Entry-Level Employees In the years since the Great Recession, unemployment levels have fallen across the United States, while economic growth in the country has rebounded. As a result, competition for entry-level talent is growing, and many employers are struggling with rising employee turnover. We estimate that the U.S. retail industry lost more than $9 billion to voluntary […] Kim Gilsdorf